Econ-O-Glider™ & Econ-O-Glider ST™

The Econ-o-glider™

steel spiral blade solid body centralizer has been specifically designed to centralize casing being run in the less demanding vertical & intermediate wells, where positive standoff is required and torque & drag reduction is not an essential requirement.

The Econ-o-glider ST™

is specifically designed for use on casing and tubing strings. It has been developed and offered to the industry as a technically superior and price competitive option to the spring-bow centralizer which is currently being utilised.

Positive Stand-off Spiral Blade

The Econ-o-glider™ has a spiral blade design to assist with hole cleaning and cement placement. In addition to this the solid blade design offers guaranteed minimum standoff.

Zero Running Force

The Econ-o-glider™ series of centralizers are manufactured under bit size to ensure there are no running forces to overcome while affording maximum standoff.

Maximum Flow-By

Flow-By has been maximised to reduce pressure surge while running and to protect formations in the open hole.

Compression Rated To 100 Tons

Econ-o-glider™ centralisers are compression rated, end on end to a minimum of 100 tons without deformation. In addition, blades are compression tested to withstand 15 - 20 tons before deformation occurs. All testing ensures product integrity.

Positive Stand-off Straight Blade

The Econ-o-glider ST™ has a positive stand-off straight blade which assists in the correct placement of cement. The flow-by area of the Econ-o-glider ST™ has been maximised to prevent the build up of solids and reduce created pressure on the well-bore.

Integral Stop Collar

Econ-o-glider™ centralizers are designed with an integral stop collar complete with setscrews.

Cost Effective

The Econ-o-glider™ series of centralizers can be installed prior to the shipment of tubulars to the rig location. They have been developed and offered to the industry as a technically superior and price competitive option to the springbow centralizer.

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