Pilot Guide Shoe Patented

Downhole Products offers a complete range of high performance innovative Pilot Guide Shoes. Our range of Pilot Guide Shoes has been engineered and manufactured to endure the high pressures and temperatures encountered downhole.

Our Pilot Guide Shoes can be specified in different sizes and varying configurations including, 360deg circulating ports, double valves, well-bore seeking eccentric EZi Drill-Out guide nose.

All can be incorporated in our equipment as options. Other optional features include automatic filling valves which allow the casing to fill as it is being run with conversion of the valve to a check valve by pumping fluid at a predetermined rate to convert the valve.

Valves are assembled with composite materials that have been engineered to provide maximum strength while providing excellent wear, temperature and drillablity properties.

Pilot Guide Shoe™ Pen-o-trator™

  • Well-Bore seeking guide nose negotiates troublesome formations.
  • PDC drillable Aluminium nose.
  • Diverging Down Jet.
  • 360B circulating ports to assist washing to bottom while circulating the hole clean.
  • High-flow phenolic check valve tested in excess of API RP 10F CAT 11C test procedures.