QHSE Policy Statement
The objective of Downhole Products is not only to satisfy, but also to surpass the expectations of our clients and our employees by providing a quality service.

Downhole Products will accomplish these aims and meet our business objectives by means of, Assessment and Continuous improvement of our Management System, Professional Supervision and Management, Strong Internal Communication, Deployment of Competent Personnel and the continuing training and development of our work force.

Consequently our ultimate aims are:
  • To clearly identify all of our aims and objectives.
  • Provide a management system that is integrated and one that complies with pertinent ISO and OHSAS requirements thus leading to continual enhancement in all areas of the services we provide.
  • To ensure careful use of material resources to decrease waste to a minimum and reduce pollution.
  • To consider the environmental impact of our principal processes, products and related services.
  • To supply a safe and healthy working environment for all our staff wherever they are working.
  • Accomplish all of our activities in a responsible manner with the main focus on the protection of our staff, the public and the environment.
  • Ensure that our employees are fully aware of their statutory duties and that they take reasonable care of themselves, others and the environment in which we all work and live.
  • To educate and develop our employees to the highest standard for the delivery of a first class service to our clients while demonstrating our responsibility to QHSE requirements and expectations.
  • To ensure complete confidentiality of information for both Downhole Products and our clients.
  • To identify and conform to all relevant legislation that covers our range of services and related work.
  • To develop a continually improving health and safety culture throughout our company ensuring best practice is used in line with any legislative requirements.
  • Ensure that our methodology and ethos fully embrace any sub-contractors in our employ and covers any other parties who may be affected by our work.